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March 14, 2007
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Colored Pencil Tutorials by ArtistsHospital Colored Pencil Tutorials by ArtistsHospital
Colored pencil tutorials, resources, and links to be updated here. Suggestions are appreciated!

Preview picture by :iconmayshing:. Used with permission.

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Traditional Media Index

Clubs or Other Sites
-Website of the famous Prismacolor brand. Includes an Artist Tips & Techniques section.

Individual Tutorials

+ Color Penciling Tutorial by GlassWind
A nice introduction to layering and crosshatching with color pencils.

***** Tutorial - Colored Pencil by Horus-Goddess
-An excellent and thorough colored pencil tutorial.

+ Colored Pencil Tutorial by taintedsilence
-A beautiful step-by-step colored pencil tutorial. Advanced colored pencil techniques.

+ How I Use Colored Pencils Tutorial by lantairvlea
Part One: Sketching and Base Color
Part Two: Background
Part Three: Mid and Foreground
Part Four: Character and Leaves
Part Five: Character, Continued
Part Six: Fur
-Multi-part tutorial for how I go about the use of colored pencils. I admit straight off that I'm not terribly organized in my method and it generally consists of changing pencils every ten seconds or so.

+ Tutorial: Colour Pencil Gradient Shading by aerinl
-I find the best way to start off with pencil gradient shading is to first, very lightly, outline the markings and shading lines...

+ Minichi-01's Color Pencil Tutorial: Part One and Part Two
-A helpful two-part colored pencil and paints tutorial.

+ Coloured Pencil Tutorial by black-rider
-A nice colored pencil tutorial.

+ Color Pencil Tutorial by HikaruNekomimi
-A colored pencil comic/tutorial hybrid.

+ Lukiih's Color Pencil Tutorial by Lukiih
-How Lukiih colors with color pencils.

+ Mellie's Colored Pencil Tutorial by chunkbucket
-A color pencil tutorial, yo.

+ How I Shade by FlammableAqua
-A bite-sized colored pencil tutorial.

+ Hair Pencil Blending Tutorial by careko
-A short shading tutorial.

+ Windfalcon's Feather Tutorial
-Solid Colors and Layered Feathers in Colored Pencil.

+ Colour Pencil Tutorial by grayishfeather
-This is a manga colouring tutorial for colour pencils.

+ Coloring with Colored Pencils by jinglestan
-This is for you who kept asking me how I do it.

+ Colored Pencil Tutorial by xxsymmetryxx
-This is how I color with colored pencils.

+ Colored Pencil Tutorial by LynxGriffin: Part 1 and Part 2
-This is a tutorial for creating really rich, deep colors with colored pencils. There are many different ways you can use colored pencils for fanart, but this is a method I really like using, so I thought I'd share it.

**** Water Web Technique Colored Pencil Tutorial by vantid
-Coloring water webs on dolphins, and using black paper with color pencils to good effect.

+ Colored Pencil Tutorial by Kamikaze777
-So as many people asked for it, you got it. I hope this will help a little.

+ The How to Use Coloured Pencils Tutorial by A-Xofia
-This is my very own tutorial for the use of colour pencils. Hope it is clear, easy and helpful to all!

+ Tutorial - Colour Pencil by treijim
-What's this? A tutorial on coloured pencils? That's right. IT shows all steps from inking to colouring, though I only showed the colouring of one of nine characters. It would be ridiculous to show the steps for everyone. It look long enough as it is. Read on and I hope it's useful!


+ Progress of Market Streets by Mayshing
-For those who wants to know about my color pencil progress.

+ Progress of At Ocean Waves 2 by Mayshing
-For those who wants to know about my color pencil progress.

+ Progress of My Golden Man by Mayshing
-In-progress screenshots of this piece.

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Traditional Media Index
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