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Library reference-Photoshop by ArtistsHospital Library reference-Photoshop by ArtistsHospital
Focusing on Photoshop special effects, basic coloring techniques, and filter usage.

:iconcaliforniaclipper: 4/27/2009 We do not currently have the manpower to link individual tutorials or resources, sorry. Club and tutorial site suggestions are welcome though.

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:gallery: :iconphotoshop-tutorials: Photoshop-Tutorials on DeviantArt

Clubs or Other Sites

:icon10inphotoshop: :iconphotoshopstop: :iconphotoshopfans:

:gallery: ***** Photoshop Tutorials from PhotoshopCAFE
-3D realistic and web design rendering tutorials.

:gallery: Photoshop Tutorials at
-Some Photoshop effects tutorials (look on the right-hand side of the web page)

:gallery: Photoshop Tutorials at

:gallery: + Dragon Paint Art Tutorials

Preparing Your Pencil Sketch
Color Buildup
Sparkles & Stars
Photoshop Clouds
ND's Spiffy Hard-Soft Coloring Trick
Soft Style Coloring
Shiny Hair
Digital Type
Color Shifts
Cel Style Coloring
Rays of Light
Digital Comics 101
Rain Effects

Individual Tutorials


+ Mischievous Joy - Step-by-Step by sijeney
-Observe an Photoshop artists' progress for the making of this piece.

***** Process of Doom by designnrg
-Observe an Photoshop artists' progress for the making of this piece.

**** Making of Like a Bird by designnrg
-Observe an Photoshop artists' progress for the making of this piece.

Digital Paint Process Tutorial by JusticeVonBrandt
--Observe a Photoshop artists' progress for the making of this piece.

+ The Progress of Mamons by Mayshing
-Observe an Photoshop/Corel Painter artists' progress for the making of this piece.

+ Speed Painting - Peasant Farmer by JazzaStudios


+ Tutorial For All by 20Harlequin05
- Tools: Photoshop 8, Wacom Tablet. I literally tried to cover just about EVERYTHING you need to know about Photoshop and its stuff. I am tired, sick, sore and everything to go along with it. I worked on this for about a month, and in total it took me about 3 days to do. I hope this covers everything people want to know, I worked hard and this is a VERY BIG FILE!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!

+ Digiavalons BIG Tutorial by DigiAvalon
-Everyone always asks me about how I do my images. So here it is, a HUGE tutorial for Photoshop. This thing I really big! Basically you may want to save this, copy paste, fav what ever and look over the images while you read, and take it in strides. This tutorial requires basic Photoshop skills (meaning you have used it once or twice before).

CG an Revelations- CG Tutorial (Photoshop 7) by Router-Jax
-CGing Router-Jax-style in Photoshop 7.

Scanning, Lineart and Inking

+ Tip for Scanning Pencil Work by Lizeth
-I've had a few questions on whether or not I use ink (BTW the answer is "no") that got me thinking. After scanning, the first thing I do is adjust the levels of my pic.

Isolating Lineart for Coloring by Plaguedog
A guide to isolating your lineart so you can color without destruction.

+ Pencil Sketch to Paint Picture by yuliya
-So you wanna make pixel art, but your sketch was done on paper? Erasing it will take FOREVER! But if you have Photoshop... well that's an entirely different story.

**** Pre-Prelude to Step 1 by danimation2001
-How to clean up your lineart in PS7.

*** Preparing Line Art by norli
-Preparing lineart in Photoshop PS7.

+ Preparing the Lineart Tutorial by kitten-chan
-This is just a tutorial on keeping the lineart above the layers of colouring.

+ Lineart Tips for Anime Artists by getty
-This is a collection tips with regard to lineart used in anime style painting, and is mostly aimed at people who have trouble making clean lineart. Photoshop 6 and CS.

+ Rainbow Lineart Tutorial by Lizeth
-Yet another rainbow lineart tutorial, hosted by my little mouse-drawn clones. This was done in Photoshop 6.0. Newer versions will have a slightly different layout.

**** Lineart with the Pen Tool by acaraluv
-Using the Pen tool in Photoshop.

Digital Inking - Photoshop by lizkay
-A nice tutorial for inking digitially in Photoshop.


+ Photoshop Brush Tip 1 and Photoshop Brush Tip 2 by Lizeth

+ Painting Over Lines Tutorial by ChimaeraChan
-Alright, this is a quicky on painting over lines, and adding form to a lined drawing. The first section is painting over lines in a way to preserve the natural style of the lined drawing, and the second part detours from the style and focuses on form. It's also useful if you're learning to paint faces.

+ Tutorial: Coloring Basics by deviantbluebug
-Here's a basic coloring tutorial.

+ How To Paint A Face - Tutorial by xiaomeimei
-Done in Photoshop 7.

**** iDNAR's Basic CG Tutorial by iDNAR
-Basic colouring tutorial.

***** Painting in PS - The Basics by nykolai
-Learning Photoshop program - Painting Realism.

*** Coloring Character Tutorial by norli
-Coloring in Photoshop (PS7).

*** CG Tutorial ::Young Link:: by Sage-of-winds

**** Photoshop CS Tutorial: Cel Shading by Jisuk Cho

***** Joulee's digital coloring tutorial: Part 1 | Part II | Part III

**** Not Just for Cell Shaders by Ashikai
-For people without a tablet.

+ Real Screentoning for PS.7 by fox-orian

Coloring: Cell Shading

**** Photoshop Cel Shading Tutorial by celesse
-Basic cel-shading tutorial.

+ DE9's Cel-Shading Tutorial by DragonEyes9
-One approach to cell shading.

+ Tutorial for Soft Cell Shading by getty
-Here, we are going to learn how to paint softly, as a variation of cell shading, eventually going through a total of seven stages.

Coloring: People

+ Tutorial: Coloring Anime Faces by deviantbluebug
-Here's a basic tutorial how how to color a face.

+ Coloring -- Preparation and Skin by touchedvenus
-In this tutorial I'm going to explain my basic preparations right before I start to color, and I will also go over how I color skin.

+ Coloring Skin in Photoshop by mree
-Photoshop CS2 skin coloring tutorial.

+ Anime Skin Shading Tutorial by ramy
-Cute anime skin shading.

:: Tutorial 2 - Coloring Skin by lostsoulx44
-Using a combination of OpenCanvas 1.1 and Photoshop 6.

**** Skin Painting Tutorial by CrazyDwarf
-Realistic skin painting tutorial.

+ Realism Tutorial by yumix
For beginners and advances users for Photoshop Elements 3.0 + up!

:: Tutorial 1 - Coloring Hair by lostsoulx44
-Using a combination of OpenCanvas 1.1 and Photoshop 6.

+ Coloring Hair in Photoshop by mree
-Photoshop CS2 hair coloring tutorial.

+ Crazy Hair Tutorial by Charanty
-Today I'll tell you about hair. Hair drawing and coloring to be exact. So open your eyes wide and follow me!

+ How to Paint Anime-Styled Hair by getty
-This is meant for those who have trouble painting anime-style hair.

+ Coloring Eyes in Photoshop by mree
-Photoshop CS2 eye coloring tutorial.

+ Eye Coloring Tutorial Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 by Charanty
-Hello everybody! This tutorial will tell you how to color an eye in an interesting way.

+ Tutorial for How to Paint Eyes by getty
-Here, we are going to learn how to paint anime-style eyes softly.

Coloring: Cloth

+ Tutorial: Coloring Cloth by deviantbluebug
-Here's a tutorial on how I color cloth.

Photoshop7 - Clothing Patterns by cfraser
-Well I had a *lot* of people ask me how to make the dress from [[link] so I decided to make a little visual tutorial on how I did it. I'm sure there are probably other ways and better ways but this is how I did it. The image is pretty big and you can't read the text unless you full view it.

Coloring: Metal

+ Metal Shading Tutorial by E-Serrano
-This is a very complete step by step shading tutorial for Adobe Photoshop. But it isn't a conventional shading tutorial, as it focuses on creating metallic effects through shading. It assumes that you have a basic knowledge of Photoshop.

+ Metallic Pipe Tutorial by sowmiles
-How to make a metal pipe in Photoshop. (Also available as a video tutorial: Part One and Part Two.)

+ Painting METAL by real4fantasy
-Here is a Metal Effect tutorial.

+ Tutorial: Coloring Metal, Jewels by deviantbluebug
-Here's a coloring tutorial on how to color armor, jewels and other shiny things.

+ Painting Metal in Adobe by rebeccasx
-I've had a few questions on how I paint metal. Here is the short version, I tried to keep it as easy and short as possible for ya, hope it helps.

+ Metal Tutorial by ShadowlineDesigns
-This is a simple Soft Metal tutorial. Enjoy!

+ Digital Painting- Simple Metal by telophase
-This tutorial shows a technique I figured out to paint a simple metal texture. I used Painter 7.0 for this example, but the same sort of thing can be done in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Open Canvas, The Gimp, or almost any other computer graphics program.

*** Bullet Metal Tutorial by danimation2001
-How to make a bullet in PS7.

Coloring: Miscellaneous Textures and Effects

+ Textured Egg Tutorial by Charanty
-This tutorial will show you how to draw a textured egg!

+ Watermark Tutorial by Charanty
-One of my friends asked me to explain how I make my watermarks. So I hope this tutorial will help.

**** Using Filters and Making Brushes (PS7) at

+ Clever Layer Player? by AquaSixio
-A Photoshop layer tutorial.

Lighting Effects

+ :Cheap Tricks:.:Glow Effects: (Photoshop CS2) by sayda
-This tutorial will go over the ins and outs of glow effects in PHOTOSHOP CS2!

+ Glow Effects Tutorial by CaptRicoSakara
-Step-by-step, I'll explain and illustrate how this cool futuristic effect in PhotoShop is created and applied to my characters.

+ A Guide to Glow by Gibbo18
-This particular tutorial is designed specifically to try and help those who want to get a good glow effect going. It was done using Paintshop, but the concepts used in it can easily be translated into Photoshop... the only differences between the two being that Photoshop might have different names for each tool. It'll definitely help if you're already quite experienced with how to do CGing (shading/highlights), and know how to make good use of layers... so this tutorial could probably be considered as aiming at an intermediate level.

***** PSG 7 Art Tutorial by Niklas Jansson
-Painting in photoshop; special focus on lighting.

Water Effects

*** Rain Tutorial by B1nd1
-How to make rain.

+ Mindsend's Sea Foam Tutorial for Photoshop by mindsend
-A very nice tutorial for making sea foam in Photoshop (7 or higher).

+ How to Make Semi-Realistic Water Bubbles by mindsend
-A nice Photoshop bubble tutorial.

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Or if you have PayPal and a little money to shell out, you can try OpenCanvas. It has its drawbacks (most notably Engrish help files and utter LACK of help files for current version...) but I like it very much, personally.

You can try the free old 1.1 OpenCanvas, too. Here's a nice guide that includes a download link.
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